Josef PfeifferHello. I am Josef Pfeiffer and this site is an outlet for digital things that I want shared with the rest of the world. I work as a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) engineer at Symantec in Roseville, Minnesota. More specifically I write code and test hardware devices to make sure tape drives, libraries, and other things works with Symantec NetBackup. I went to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities were I received my Bachelors of Computer Engineering from the Institute of Technology. Through college I did web design for Boyton Health Services, Office of Student Affairs, and for Radio K. I now host an instrumental radio show called “Now Like Photographs” that’s on from 4-6pm CST Sunday’s. I also have continued to work on a volunteer project to create a new online content management system for the station.

This site was built out of my need to learn CSS and standards-based coding. Douglas Bowman influenced most of my CSS learning and design. I peaked a lot at his style sheets while putting together this site. I also turned to zenphoto and customized the Stop design theme to provide a new system for the photo galleries. I grabbed the PHP script rss2html for pulling in and NetFlix feeds and the last credit goes to the Lightbox JavaScript for that little extra effect with images on the blog.

I’m down with all the new applications web applications. You can view my accounts on

Want to get in touch with me

  • AIM: zeke239
  • Yahoo: josef_f_pfeiffer
  • MSN: josef dot pfeiffer at gmail dot com
  • Email: josef dot pfeiffer at gmail dot com

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