Paal Makes Me Young

World Cup 2006A rare weekend post. Thursday morning Bri flew out to visit some friends in Oregon with her sister until Sunday. Thursday night was spent in all bachelorhood as I ate way to much pizza and vegged out with video games and TV. We had a half-day lab cleanup on Friday at work which was a nice change of pace and afterwards I met up with Mark and Brigitte at Qdoba. All the girls were having a ladies night and Paal was in town so all the guys decided to have a guy's night. We went over to Tuggs in St. Anthony Main to do some drinking out of a giant Plexiglas beer tube called "the rocket". We even met up with Brian, our old roommate from last year. Afterwards me and Paal went up to Santanas for Gyros and fried cheese curds. I was so full I didn't anything until mid afternoon the next day. I can't remember the last time I stayed up until 4am but it was great; other than missing Bri when I got home.

Paal is staying here for the weekend and in old tradition we slept in until noon today. We got up and met up with some of his family who were in town. His Aunt is buying a condo across the river from me in the Cobalt; a new building that will have a Lunds grocery store in the bottom. After that we went over to the new library so I could return a book and Paal could marvel in all it's modern Scandinavian glory. We hung out at Mark and Brigittes tonight watching a Woody Allen movie. I've come to the conclusion that I neither like nor dislike Woody Allen movies. I feel so mediocre about them that it almost makes it worse than having a strong feeling one way or another. Although Brigitte and Mark's Woody Allen couple impression is entertaining enough to make me keep trying to watch them. After Mark's I met up with Melissa and Lonnie, two of Bri's nursing friends, whom I've never really hung out with without Bri being around. It was a good time and it was good to know we're friends outside of just our connection through Bri.

That brings me to 3am and blogging. Paal's in the shower since he went to a show at the Entry tonight. He had to dance so he got all sweaty. Tomorrow we're going to Brit's pub to watch the world cup final. I'm pulling for Italy since Rex's company Caleffi is a big AC Milan sponsor. I never really followed French soccer and Italy was a fun team to watch through the cup so far.